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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Trailer

Blue Caprice Trailer

Film of the Month: Mud directed by Jeff Nichols

Adam Caldwell

Adam Caldwell

Saul Bass’ title sequence for John Frankenheimer’s Seconds, music by Jerry Goldsmith starring Rock Hudson. ¬†

(Source: criterioncollection)

Stanley Kubrick Photography

James Gallagher

James Gallagher

Robert Montgomery Recycled Sunlight

Heile Gansje Teaser by Matt Lambert

Three Great Non-Conventional Trilogies

The Pusher Trilogy by Nicolas Winding Refn (1996-2005)

The Paradise Trilogy by Ulrich Seidl (2012-2013)

The Three Colors Trilogy by Krzysztof Kieslowski (1993-1994)

Paradise: Hope Trailer